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How does SpeedyIndex work?

Our indexing system is simple and reliable. No need to have access to Google Search Console. Create a task and wait for the result.


The initial submission of a task to the index. The Google bot follows the links specified in the task.


Indexation report

A report is generated after 72 hours. It shows the initial indexing results and the number of pages with 404 errors. This isn't the final result; the number of indexed pages will gradually increase.



Links that haven't been indexed are resubmitted for indexing on the 6th day.

Refund 50% of the links

Day 11 Report. The final indexing results are provided. We refund 50% of unindexed links.

Get 100 links for a test

Try our backlink indexer for free. Check out the SpeedyIndexBot service. We offer 100 links to test the effectiveness of our service

100% Guarantee

We guarantee that the Google mobile bot will click on your links.


Speedy indexing is safe for your website.

Mass indexing of sites

Use our service to index a large number of pages.


We guarantee the security of your data.

Speed of task execution

All indexing tasks are automated and performed as quickly as possible.

Indexing reports

A report with results is generated 72 hours after indexing has started.

Satisfied customers

Our clients are satisfied with the quality of our services. Read reviews about us on Ru-net forums.

Best price

Perhaps the most favorable price is from $0,005 per link. If you buy a package of links, the cost per link is even lower.

SpeedyIndexBot - service to speed up sites indexing

Our service accelerates the indexation of site pages or incoming links in the Google search engine. It can be particularly useful for indexing new sites or updating existing ones, changing link structures, or adding new content. With our service, Google will index your site much faster, leading to higher positions in search results and increased site traffic. We utilize mobile Google-bot to index the links specified in the task, significantly increasing the likelihood of your resource or link being indexed. Factors that may reduce indexing chances include duplicated content, a high number of external links, a domain marked as spammy by Google, HTTP errors on the site: (404, 500), pages blocked from indexing in robots.txt or via meta tags in HTML code, or in the .htaccess file.

What is site indexing

Site indexing refers to the process of adding information about a site or its pages to search engine databases, performed by search engine bots. If a site is indexed, it can appear in search results on Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Rambler, and other search engines. Only indexed sites can appear in search results. Indexing site pages or incoming links can be time-consuming and not always straightforward. Our service expedites the indexation of backlinks and website pages, reducing waiting time. You avoid the hassle of setting up and launching the Google Indexing API, which doesn't allow submitting a large number of pages for indexing simultaneously.

How to speed up site indexing in Google

A common question is how to speed up website indexing. Our solution allows you to quickly and safely index your website or links in the Google search engine. There are various methods to expedite web resource indexing. We refrain from using third-party links, GSA, Xrumer, Zennoposter, and other questionable promotion methods to accelerate indexing.

Steps of site indexing

The indexing process involves 4 steps.
  1. Submission of task for indexing. Google bot follows the links specified in the task.
  2. Indexing report after 72 hours. The report displays the initial indexing results and the number of pages with 404 errors. This is not the final result, as the number of indexed pages will gradually increase.
  3. Resubmission of links for indexing. On the 6th day, all links that haven't been indexed are resubmitted for indexing.
  4. Final report on day 11. This report provides the final indexing results.

Guarantees that your links and website will be indexed in Google

We guarantee that all the links specified in the task will be clicked by a mobile Google bot. However, we cannot ensure a 100% probability of your links or sites being indexed, as it is beyond our control and capabilities. Your resources will likely be indexed by Google with high probability. Nonetheless, you can test our service by submitting 100 URLs for indexing. Our link indexer simplifies the workflows of SEO specialists and webmasters.

Refund Policy. We refund 50% of unindexed links.

On the 6th day, automatic re-indexing takes place. On the 11th day you will receive a final report and refund of unindexed links to your balance.

Testimonials from our customers

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Site is not in the index? Speed up!

No matter which CMS your website is running on—WordPress, 1C-Bitrix, Joomla, Tilda, or Drupal—almost all webmasters and SEO specialists encounter the problem of slow indexing on Google or Yandex. Even after implementing measures to expedite search engine inclusion, there are situations where some pages of the web resource fail to enter the search engine index for an extended period. This prompts the question of why Google does not index the site. The solution is simple—add the pages of your resource to our indexer. Check the result after 72 hours and repeat the process. If you're seeking a cheap backlink indexer, SpeedyIndex is an excellent solution.

3 reasons to speed up the indexing of your website

Don't waste time waiting, get your site indexed by Google today!

Convenience and efficiency of the service

Easy to Use and High Success Rate of Indexing

Our service is simple and user-friendly. You submit a task, which is a file containing links, to our Telegram bot. We then dispatch the mobile Google bot to crawl your links. Within 48-72 hours, you'll observe the initial results. After 72 hours, you'll receive an indexing report indicating the percentage of links indexed by Google. The number of indexed links will continue to increase. However, indexing success depends largely on the quality of pages and other factors.

Best price for 1 link

We offer competitive pricing and convenient payment methods

You can replenish your balance using bank cards or cryptocurrencies (USDT, BTC, LTC, ETH). The price per link is $0.005. Purchasing a package of links further reduces the price. Simply visit the "Refill Balance" tab to add funds for any number of links or to purchase pre-made packages at favorable rates.

Indexing security

We prioritize indexing security and avoid questionable methods

The indexing process employs a secure method for your site. A mobile Google bot is dispatched to crawl the links specified in the task, ensuring the safety of your web resources. The only exception may arise when a newly created site receives a substantial number of incoming links. With our service, link indexing is fast and cost-effective.

Price of indexation

Price in USD


1 link
5,000 links
10,000 links
25,000 links
50,000 links
100,000 links
500,000 links
1,000,000 links

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