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Find out if all pages of your website are indexed in Google
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We give 50 links for testing to each client



You don't need to download files and programs for installation, as all checks are done online in the Telegram bot.


In addition to checking pages in the Google index, SpeedyIndex can speed up indexing of backlinks and websites.


Upload a ready-made file with links to the Telegram bot and get results in the form of a detailed report.


For service-related questions, go to the Telegram bot in the "Discussion" tab. Chat for discussing the bot - @speedyindexsupport. Ask your questions about the service's operation and get our support.

We give 50 links for testing

Free check indexing of pages of your website or backlinks. Get a detailed indexing report in Google.

What is website indexing?

Page indexing is the process by which search engines scan the content of pages and add it to their databases (indexes) to show relevant search results. If a page or incoming link is not indexed, it will not appear in search results, making it useless for the website.

Website indexing is a key step in its visibility to search engines. This process is carried out by search bots that scan the website and add its information to the databases of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing, and others. When a website is indexed, it becomes available for display in search results.

Indexing can take some time and may not always go smoothly. It is especially important to index new pages or incoming links so that they are available to users through search.

How to check website indexing?

Common methods of checking website indexing:

  • Using search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.).
  • Using webmaster tools (Google Search Console, Yandex.Webmaster, etc.).
  • Using online indexing check tools.
  • Checking through search engine APIs.

It is recommended to use the SpeedyIndex service for faster and more convenient indexing checks.

To create a task for indexing check, go to the "Create Task" tab and select "Check indexing of links in Google". To perform the check, submit a .txt file or a message containing a list of links for indexing check. Each link should be listed on a separate line.

Indexing check is conducted through 4 queries:

  • site:URL
  • inurl:URL
  • URL
  • "URL"

Check website indexing on Google

The Telegram bot @speedyindexbot helps to check website indexing online.

Strengths of the SpeedyIndex Telegram Bot:


We guarantee the accuracy of indexing check results.


Checking website pages or links for indexing on Google is safe.

Mass Indexing Check

Use the service to check a large number of pages.


We guarantee the safety of your data.

Task Execution Speed

Website indexing check is fast and convenient.

Reports on Indexing

After checking the indexing of website pages, you will receive a detailed report.

User Reviews

Our clients are satisfied with the quality of service. Read reviews about us on RuNet forums.

Best Price

Perhaps the best price starts from $0.015 per link. When purchasing a package of links, the cost per link is even lower.

What to know about website indexing?

Common methods of checking website indexing:

To check the page indexing, you can use the following methods:

  1. Automatic check: Enter a list of URLs into the tool and start the check. The results will be shown, and you can see which pages are indexed.
  2. Manual check:
  • Yandex. Enter "" or "url:page_address" in the search bar.
  • Google. Enter "" or "info:page_address" in the search bar.

If pages are not being indexed, check the following reasons:

  • Check the robots.txt file.
  • Check meta tags on the page.
  • Create and submit a sitemap.xml file.
  • Check the quality of content and the presence of backlinks.
  • Check page loading time and any errors in the page code.
  • You can also use webmaster tools such as Yandex.Webmaster and Google Search Console to check indexing and request reindexing of pages.

In Yandex.Webmaster, go to the "Indexing" section > "Pages in search", and in Google Search Console go to the "Indexing" section > "Pages". There you can see the total number of indexed pages and request reindexing.

Now you can check the indexing of your website on Google using the SpeedyIndexbot Telegram bot. And if needed, you can also speed up the indexing of links or pages on your website

Price of index checking in Google

Price in USD


1 link
5,000 links
10,000 links
25,000 links
50,000 links
100,000 links
500,000 links
1,000,000 links